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Tekop Cold Rooms

We need cold rooms to store perishable products, especially food, for a long time. Choosing the right equipment is very important for cold rooms. Tekop provides customized cold rooms according to customer requests and needs.
  • Adjustable dimensions.
  • Easy installation and assembly.
  • 80 mm – 150 mm panel thickness options.
  • 42 kg/m³ density polyurethane insulation.
  • Internal and external surface designed in accordance to hygiene standards.
  • Can be used health and food sector.
  • Advanced temperature management.
  • Ecological and sustainable choice.
  • Walk-In Chiller and Walk-In Freezer options.

Tekop Cold Room Solutions

We are specialists in the design and installation of chiller and freezer cold rooms. Our experts are available to guide you through each stage of the process from the initial consultation through to the design and then the final installation. This ensures that the cold room you have specified meets with your expectations and requirements.

Design & Consultation

At Tekop Services, we consider the needs of the customer to be of the highest importance and we aim to provide guidance to customers from the early stages of planning and will continue to work closely with you throughout the design process to make sure you achieve a satisfactory end result. We offer an initial consultation, with design advice, CAD drawings and a full quotation as part of the project package.

Cold Room Refrigeration Units

Produced in conformity with cold and freezer room conditions.It conforms to European Union norms and manufactured with CE marking.

Environmentally Friendly

Certified Products

Energy Saving

Does not contain carcinogenic material

Can be used in health and food sector

Cold Room Doors

Door preference is very important for cold rooms. We are here to suggest the most suitable door to you based on customer needs and room features.

Door Types:

Hinged Cold Room Doors
Sliding Cold Room Doors
Service Doors
Monorail Doors
Controlled Atmosphere Doors

Our products are produced in conformity with cold and freezer room conditions.It conforms to European Union norms and manufactured with CE marking.

Cold Room Panels

Panels are made of 42 kg/m³ (± 2) Polyurethane. They have also a B2 non-flammable standard under TS EN 13501-1. Panels are connected in a puzzle form. Afterwards they can also be demounted. Wall and ceiling panels are produced in different thicknesses (60 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm, 180 mm, 200 mm). They are 100-120 cm wide and can be manufactured according to your instructions optional long. With the purpose of use, wall and ceiling panel steel sheets can be manufactured with Cr-Ni, PVC, Galvanize and Polyester. Panels are smooth, hygienic and are easily cleanable. As they are hygienic, they are commonly used in hospitals, in grocery storehouses and in medicament branches. Panels prevent the heat loss with its individual design and accessories.

* Optionally, It can be produced as camlock.

Cold Room Shelves

Ventilation Efficiency Over 85%
Air flow; cooling, heating, dust, bacteria, removal, drying can easily perform tasks such as. It is the most suitable system especially in cold rooms.

Can See All Products
All rack products can be easily observed. Because the light of the environment does not interfere, the light is illuminated.

More Effective in Fire Extinguishing Systems
Existing fire systems in the neighborhood (CO2, springs, etc.) can interfere with the fire more effectively and timely.

Cold Room Accessories

We supply all necessary equipment for cold rooms.

  • PVC Curtain
  • Led Lighting Systems
  • Pressure Compensating Valve
  • Cold Room Accessories (U,interior,exterior, hygenic and ceiling accessories etc.)

 Environmentally Friendly
 Certified Products
 Does not contain carcinogenic material
 Can be used in health and food sector

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