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danfoss scroll compressor

Danfoss Has Qualified a DSH Medium Scroll Compressors Using R452B/R454B

Danfoss has qualified a larger application envelope for its range of DSH medium Scroll Compressors using R452B /R454B to accelerate the low GWP refrigerant transition.

The newly optimized compressors are 100% back-compatible therefore the ordering codes will remain the same.


The graphs are showing the new enlarged envelope now available with the DSH multi refrigerant Medium range. See the graphs in the photo gallery above.

Technical specification

The main application consequence of this larger envelope operations is:

  • The maximum condensing temperature has been extended from 65℃ to 68℃. So, high side working range is now 41.7bar(g) and maximum high pressure safety switch setting is adjusted accordingly from 40.6 to 43.1 bar(g).

  • Due to increased compressor discharge gas temperature, for the R452B/R454B application a new acoustic hood has been developed

Affected products
DSH090-184 code 4 in case of R452B/R454B application.



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