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copeland emerson compressor low sound

Emerson Has Developed An Innovative Range Of Copeland Low Sound Scroll Compressors

Emerson has developed an innovative range of Copeland low sound scroll compressors that enable exceptionally quiet operation, which is particularly important for heat pump applications in residential environments.

Substantially quieter operation and best-in-class efficiency combined

The all-new portfolio consists of four compressors with capacities ranging from 29 cc (5 kW) to 94 cc (20 kW). Thanks to their sophisticated scroll technology, the compressors produce only half the sound pressure of a standard Copeland compressor – representing a reduction of 10 db(A) at full capacity – without the need for costly elaborate noise insulation to be added by OEMs.

Equally important and relevant to both the environment and costs is the efficiency of the new compressors. The low sound scroll compressors achieve best-in-class efficiency with an A+++ rating at a reference temperature of 55° C. Moreover, because they use either R290 or R454C refrigerants with a global warming potential (GWP) below 150, compliance with the F-Gas regulation and consequently future-proofness are guaranteed.

Ideally equipped for a decarbonized future

With its new Copeland low sound scroll compressors, Emerson enables OEMs to prepare for the future strong growth in demand for air-to-water heat pumps. As the EU is committed to phase out fossil fuels in heating, air-to-water heat pumps are expected to take over the market due to their sustainability and cost efficiency benefits.

With about 75 percent of Europeans living in urban areas, the lowest possible noise emissions will be crucial for product differentiation and future market success. The sophisticated Copeland solution for decarbonized residential heating offers all OEMs, installers and end users the best prerequisites to thrive in this environment.


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