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Honeywell Doubles Capacity for HFC-Alternative Technology With Baton Rouge Facility Expansion

On the heels of COP26 and recent climate-centric regulations, Honeywell has announced plans to expand its Baton Rouge, La. facility, which will increase production of Honeywell’s HFC-alternative solution – Solstice ze (1234ze) by 100%. The Biden Administration recently passed legislation to phasedown hydrofluorocarbon’s (HFCs), which will have widespread impacts as HFC’s are used throughout many industry segments. Honeywell’s additional capacity is intended to help customers transition away from HFC’s for applications ranging from foam insulation to propellants used in personal and household care products, to refrigeration and air conditioning.  
Based on hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) technology and part of a suite of Solstice solutions, Honeywell’s proprietary Solstice ze solution is an ultra-low-global-warming-potential alternative to harmful HFCs, helping manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint and meet regulatory requirements without sacrificing performance.  
Doubling production capacity at Honeywell’s Baton Rouge location will provide critical, reliable supply of HFO solutions which are ready today, and are the next generation technology replacement for HFC’s. 



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