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On The Lookout For The Oldest BITZER Compressors

Are you or is one of your customers in possession of a truly vintage reciprocating or screw compressor from BITZER? And is it still operational? Then simply send us photos of the compressor and its name plate as well as pictures of it installed in the system. In each of the two reciprocating and screw compressor categories, you can win a package of three components for each of the oldest compressors

Ever since the company was established on 15 December 1934, BITZER has been a pioneer in terms of innovative, high-quality refrigeration and air conditioning products and their applications. What started as a one-person operation over 85 years ago is now a global player in the industry. Today, the long-standing company from Sindelfingen, Germany, supplies high-end solutions and services for refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pump technology, process cooling and transport refrigeration at 72 sites. And as quality is timeless, we are on the lookout for the real work horses from the world of BITZER compressors. Who has the oldest BITZER reciprocating or screw compressor which is still in operation?

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