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Cold Room Accessories

Used in cold room, installition of cold storage, transportation and merging of ceiling wall and floor panels.

Produced in conformity with cold room and freezer room conditions.It conforms to European Union norms and manufactured with CE marking.

Environmentally Friendly

Certified Products

Energy Saving

Does not contain carcinogenic material

Can be used in health and food sector

General Specifications

The accessories provide a hygienic environment in the assembly of floor, wall, and ceiling panels to each other and in the created conditioned area.

Hygienic or chrome, PVC, polyester coated galvanized profiles depending on the needs of the application;

  • Angular inner – outer profiles
  • Corner connectors
  • Flat or Z shaped profiles
  • U shaped profile for positioning the panel
  • Ceiling brackets and apparatuses
  • Aluminum angle brackets

Technical Specifications

Anti-Bacterial Accessories:

Cold room accessories, produced with HACCP requirements to provide a more hygienic environment in food storage and they contain two parts. Middle of inner part of accessories have a male transition detail and produced from PVC. Details: In back of upper part female transition, soft gasket and main body is produced from hard PVC. Different width sizes are produced optionally 100 mm or 70 mm.

Anti-Bacterial accessories are consists; inner corner, outer corner, flat accessory, and finisher parts.


Inner and Outer Accessories:

The Anti bacterial provided accessories which are produced from painted 0.05 mm Ral 9002 galvanized sheet consists different width options for inner and outer positions. From 40*40 mm to 50*50 mm Inner, outer accessories are produced according to different dimension of panel thickness from 50*80 mm to 50*230mm. Inner edges are outwardly, outer edges are inwardly curved.

For different room specifications there is Ni-Cr alternative.

Cold Room Accessories


Ceiling hanger profile:

The Anti bacterial provided profile which is produced from painted 0.4 mm Ral 9002 Aluminum sheet. Totally 120 mm width, 32 mm nut hole profile has carriage capacity for 44 mm panel from both sides.

Used in cold rooms as a protector against sagging or dropping.

Ceiling combination system includes a combination of profile, square nut, rectangular nut, washers and rod.

Ceiling Hanger Accessory

Ceiling Hanger Accessory Model


Ceiling hanger part:

The Parts which are produced from PVC, used in areas with thin ceiling of cold storage rooms as a precaution to sagging or dropping.
Ceiling Suspension system consists square nut, screw washer and cover.

Ceiling Hanger Accessories

Cold Room Ceiling Hanger Accessory Model


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