Pressure Compensating Valve

Produced in conformity with cold and freezer room conditions.It conforms to European Union norms and manufactured with CE marking.

Environmentally Friendly

Certified Products

Energy Saving

Does not contain carcinogenic material

Can be used in health and food sector

General Specifications

Pressure relief valve use for pressure balance between inside and outside of cold rooms. The worm air comes in during
the door opening and closing or defrosting period, this situation leads to the pressure balance. The pressure relief valves
are use to protect panels, doors and other components against the air pressure. The valves produced with highly durable
plastic materials and suitable to use up to -40 celsius. The klepes protect against to freeze problems with electrical heaters.

Technical Specifications

  • These valves are produced in TN and BT version . They resist up to -40 C and they consist of plastic metarials (A.B.S.) pressed in cylindirlc shape.
  • They are suibtable to refrigerating rooms of 1 up to 100 cubic meters ; You can use further valves in case of larges volumes.
  • They can adjusted in a telescopical way on thicknesses you of 60 op to 200 mm; an extension of the pipe is sufficient for larger thichnesses.

Pressure Compensating Valve, Cold Room Pressure Equalization Valves

Pressure Compensating Valve

Pressure Compensating Valve

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