Standard PVC Hinged Door

Produced in conformity with cold and freezer room conditions.It conforms to European Union norms and manufactured with CE marking.

Environmentally Friendly

Certified Products

Energy Saving

Does not contain carcinogenic material

Can be used in health and food sector

General Specifications

Our hinded doors comes with aluminum frame and have some PVC parts to break heat Exchange standartly, as an option full PVC frame is also available. Door leafs are inset type, external metal sheet thickness is 0.8mm and internal metal sheet thickness is 0.5mm, the color code is Ral 9002 for surface metal and door leaf insulation chemical density is 42-45 gr/cm3. The door leaf thickness standart is 8cm for chiller rooms and 10cm for freezer rooms. Also door threshold and sight glass can add as an options.

Technical Specifications

Door Frame : PVC
Leaf Frame Specifications : 6063 Grade Aluminum
Door Insulation Level : 42-45gr/cm3
Surface Materials Types : Polyester-PVC-CrNi
Color : RAL 9002
Pattern : Flat
Insulation : Poliurethane
Sheet Thickness (mm) : Interior 0,50 mm Exterior 0,50 mm

Hinged Cold Room Door’s Accessories

Hinged Cold Room Door’s Exterior Frame (PVC)
Hinged Cold Room Door’s Resistance Top
Hinged Cold Room Door’s Wooden Fasteners
Hinged Cold Room Door’s Sheet Metal
Hinged Cold Room Door’s Adapter Profile
Hinged Cold Room Door’s Hinge Part
Hinged Cold Room Door’s Interior Frame
Hinged Cold Room Door’s Wing Profile
Hinged Cold Room Door’s Sheet Metal 2
Hinged Cold Room Door’s Fuse Accessory
Hinged Cold Room Door’s Fasteners
Hinged Cold Room Door’s Hinge
Hinged Cold Room Door’s Gasket
Hinged Cold Room Door’s Sill Gasket

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