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Controlled Atmosphere Cold Rooms

CA ( Controlled Atmosphere) Cold rooms manage ambient conditions at the warehouse, they decrease oxsygen level and increase carbon dioxide level in this way provide to save products longer than normal and ensure freshness .

Vegetables and Fruites respire; take in oxsygen and give off carbon dioxide because of that reason they are ripening and decay. The ripening make slower by the decrease of oxygen level at room inside.

CA Cold rooms ensure the product freshness and quality without any chemical use.

Our profecional and experianced team provide for CA Cold room projects, renovations, modernisation, system optimisations and maintenance.

Please contact with us for your all kind of ripening room requirements.

You can find more information about our services from our project website.


  • Providing and installation of atmosphere control equipment(Nitrogen generators, CO2 absorber O2 / CO2 analyzers, ethylene absorber, gas tight room doors etc.)
  • Installation of gas tight rooms and doors
  • Precise controlled cooling systems for CA