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Fish Blast Freezing And Storage

Sea Foods has to cool and freeze fastly to maintaine to product quality. TEKOP REFRIGERATION present an effective and efficient solutions for all your cooling requirements from manufacturing to dispatching.

Blast Freezing devices provide to freeze products as fast as possible to ensure product quality.

The System has to designe for maximum efficiency and reliabilty.

Special evaporators are manufacturing for blast freezing.

Our profecional team provide for you froozen fish storage warehouses and processing area cooling’s projects, renovations, modernisation, system optimisations and maintenance.

Please contact with us for your all kind of froozen fish storage warehouse requirements.

You can find more information about our services from our project website.

Factors Of Sea Food Qualities

  • Suitable storage conditions.
  • Dehydration protection.
  • Freezing Period.
  • Period up to storage ( transport, processing, packing, etc…)


  • Flake ice machines
  • Refrigeration for IQF and spiral freezers
  • Product blast freezing tunnels
  • Frozen stores