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Potato And Onion Cold Rooms

Potatos and Onions are ageing since their harvesting. These rooms are using for postpone of ageing.  We can reduce to ageing by correct ventilationing and suitable storage systems. These ventilationing and storage systems are changing according to type of potato and onion. These criterias must be consider during to cold storages projection.

Our profecional and experianced team provide for Potato and Onion projects, renovations, modernization, system optimizations and maintenance.

Please contact with us for your all kind of ripening room requirements.

You can find more information about our services from our project website.


  • Required insulation and cooling systems to save product with suitable temperatures.
  • Special vantilationing system according to product storage type.
  • Air sirculation in room with high efficient axial fans.
  • Automatic air flaps for air input and output.
  • Special humudifying system for potato.
  • Co2, temperature and humudity control systems.

Potato Storage System

Onion Storage System